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Contribution of 2 comics for two volumes of the comic-anthology of the University of Luxembourg promoting science to youths, called "Agent of Change" (2020) and "It's about Time" (2021).

"Agent of Change" is about the impact of climate change on the global female population and how women and girls can engender positive change by entering the field of science. In the narrative, this is shown via a teenage girl interested in animals (in this case emperor penguins) being encouraged to study climate science through the real-life astronaut Jessica Meir.

"It's about Time" is about cooperation between "soft" and "hard" science to further research in their respective fields, in this case history and computer science. In the narrative, a historian is shown a newly developed program by his colleague that enables him to collect, retrieve and connect all relevant historical data (documents, photos etc.) in a way that opens new avenues for research into complex topics.

Agent of Change pg. 1
Agent of Change pg. 2
It's about Time pg. 1
It's about Time pg. 2
Character design for main character of "Agent of Change"
Character Design for main character of "It's about Time"
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